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German to English medical translation

July 31, 2016

Medical translation is one of the most important tasks that a translation company can undertake. It requires an extremely high degree of accuracy, as well as knowledge of specialist terms in both the source and the target language. 

Tomedes is proud to provide expert medical translators from around the world as part of our 24/7 translation service. With more than 5,000 professional human translators in our network, we are able to offer medical translation services for a wide range of language pairings. Using human translation for medical documents is particularly important, as software translation solutions can become confused where complex medical terms are concerned, resulting in inaccurate translations. 

An appreciation of this fact was what prompted a recent client to come to Tomedes to handle the translation of his medical documents from German to English. He had looked into using machine translation to translate his documents, but he knew enough English to see that the resulting translation was far from perfect – only a professional human translator would do!

The client first used the Tomedes instant quote service to find out what his translation was going to cost. He was pleasantly surprised with the amount quoted and so got straight in touch with our team via our website chat service to set us to work. 

We assigned our leading German to English medical translator to this task. His medical knowledge in both languages was excellent and his extensive experience meant that he was perfectly positioned to provide a fantastic translation. The client was certainly not disappointed – the translation was 100% accurate and was precisely what he needed. He certainly won’t be attempting to use machine translation again anytime soon! 

If you have a document that needs translating, contact the Tomedes team today to find out how quickly and accurately your translation can be completed. We look forward to hearing from you!

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