German Consecutive Interpretation for International Marketing Event

Tomedes offers accurate German consecutive interpretation solutions for international marketing firms and businesses. Our native German interpreters have the linguistic skills and expertise in the marketing field to ensure that marketing and branding terminologies and nuances are accurately conveyed from English to German and vice-versa. In this project, we display our prowess in delivering German interpretations for the global business and marketing sectors.

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German Consecutive Interpretation

March 27, 2024

The need for professional interpretation has surged, particularly for virtual meetings catering to international audiences. This is especially true in dynamic sectors like marketing, where engaging a diverse participant base is crucial.

In this project, we exhibit our expertise in providing German consecutive interpretation for an international virtual marketing event, ensuring that German-speaking participants can effectively understand and participate in the discussions and activities.

Our Client

Our client is an innovative international marketing firm that often hosts virtual events and seminars that discuss the latest trends, best practices, and marketing tools. Because of this, they want to make their events more accessible to their non-native English-speaking participants.

This is the first time they will be working with us. An acquaintance of the client recommended Tomedes to them, which is why they sought our services. They hope that by strategically integrating German consecutive interpretation into their Zoom events, their German-speaking audience will actively be engaged, creating a more interactive and inclusive environment. 

The Project

The project is a 90-minute Zoom event requiring meticulous English to German and vice versa consecutive interpretation. The virtual event was tailored for a marketing-savvy audience, involving some marketing-related jargon and industry-specific insights. For this reason, it required a team of German interpreters specializing in the marketing industry.

This two-way interpretation is essential to foster an interactive dialogue, allowing seamless exchange between English and German-speaking participants, thus maximizing the seminar's collaborative potential.

German Interpretation for Seamless Communication in the Global Market

It is estimated that 13.3% of the European population can speak German. This is one of the reasons why our client specifically chose this language when deciding to interpret from English to another language and vice-versa.

German interpretation for the marketing sector requires not only understanding the linguistic and cultural nuances that come from the interpretation process but also being well-versed in this particular industry ensuring that the message is properly conveyed to the target audience.

For German interpreters providing consecutive interpreting, they must not only capture the essence and tone of the speaker but also maintain linguistic accuracy and fluidity. This becomes even more challenging when the discussion is interactive, requiring the interpreter to manage the conversation's pace while ensuring that every participant's input is accurately conveyed and understood.

The Challenges

Despite the task only being within less than 2 hours, we still encountered some issues in providing consecutive interpretation from English to German and vice-versa. Below, we will delve into the three primary challenges that we encountered:

Professional Titles and Terminology: Ensuring the translation accurately reflects the individual's professional standing and expertise, acknowledging the importance of hierarchy in Japanese business culture. Our team of native Japanese translators have the cultural and linguistic knowledge of Japan's business sector ensuring that the translated text accurately conveys the company's brand and the personal details of the individual stated in the text.

Design Adaptation: Aligning the card's design with Japanese standards, which often include specific preferences for color, size, and information placement, ensures the card resonates with Japanese professionals. Our team specializes in Japanese marketing and has experience in Japanese business card translation and adapting its design and layout to suit the Japanese market.

Adaptability: Responding to real-time feedback and queries in a live session demands quick thinking and adaptability, ensuring that the dialogue flows smoothly without any linguistic barriers. Our native German interpreters had years of experience and training in providing consecutive interpretation, which ensured seamless communication between the participants and the host.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes lies not just in linguistic proficiency but in a deep understanding of marketing's cultural and terminological nuances. Our team of interpreters, specialized in consecutive interpretation, excel in live sessions, adeptly handling the ebb and flow of interactive discussions. Below are some of the other reasons why Tomedes is the go-to partner for many companies seeking to translate and interpret in German.

Expertise in Marketing Terminology and Cultural Nuances: Our German interpreters bring a wealth of knowledge in marketing jargon and cultural subtleties, ensuring that communication is not only accurate but resonates with the audience on a cultural level.

Specialization in Consecutive Interpretation for Live and Zoom Sessions: Our teams are trained to excel in live and zoom interpretation, and interactive settings, and are adept at managing the pace and dynamics of real-time discussions.

Enhancing Audience Engagement and Comprehension: Our services are designed to ensure that every participant is actively engaged, with comprehension levels that mirror those of native speakers, thereby elevating the overall effectiveness of the session.

The Result

The project's 90-minute virtual consecutive interpretation for this marketing event was successful. The client was pleased that we were able to provide real-time interpretation. Despite some technical difficulties encountered, they were impressed that we were quick to resolve the issue.

Based on our last conversation, the client was pleased that the native German-speaking participants among their broad audience were active during the event. They informed us that they look forward to working with us again and want to make their event more accessible to more non-English speaking participants. 


The value of professional consecutive interpretation cannot be overstated. Whether it's a live discussion, a webinar, or a collaborative workshop, German interpretations are required to ensure that language barriers never impede the flow of ideas.

In your next interactive marketing session, consider partnering with Tomedes for all your German interpretation needs. Connect with us for German consecutive interpreting and transform your next virtual event into a vibrant, inclusive, and productive dialogue.

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