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On this occasion one of our valued customers contacted Natalie (a project manager) to request a new French translation of one of their company�'s annual reports.

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French Translation for a Mobile Company

April 01, 2015

We’re always happy to work with regular customers, and on this occasion one of our valued, repeat customers contacted Natalie (a project manager here at Tomedes) to request a new French translation of one of their company’s annual reports. The client works in the mobile industry, and has a wide spectrum of different authorities that they are accountable to.

Natalie quickly responded to the client’s enquiery, stating that we’d be happy to carry out the French translation and attaching a competative quotation for the client to consider. One of the main reasons that this client frequently returns to us is due to the fact that our translations are exceptionally good value for money, and the client was pleased to see that this still rang true today.

The client approved the project, and Natalie chose Jean-Luc to work on the client’s document. Jean-Luc had encountered simmilar manuscripts over the course of his translation career, and was quite familliar with the sort of technical terminology that was used throughout this client’s document. Our translation agency only ever selects translators with relevant experience to work on client projects.

Jean-Luc returned the completed French translation to the client by the deadline, and the client thanked him for such an expert and efficiant translation. The client also commended Natalie for making sure the whole process ran smoothly, and he let her know that his company would be in touch again with more work in the near future.


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