French Birth Certificate Translation

Tomedes provides birth certificates from French to English for a range of official and personal needs such as USCIS application, academic application, and immigration purposes. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable French birth certificate translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Certified Birth Certificate Translation from French to English

December 30, 2018

page updated on December 08, 2022


Certification is a fairly quick and easy task for translation professionals to undertake. While faded handwriting can sometimes complicate the process, the fact that birth certificates and other legal documents tend to be short. This means that they don’t generally take too long to translate. 

On our most recent translation request for a birth certificate, the client needed an English version of her French document, along with a certificate of translation. Providing certified translation services for French birth certificates must be done as authorities demand proof of authenticity for any translated certificates. 



Our Native-speaking Translation Experts Got Your Back

Here at Tomedes we have a global network of translation professionals, so we were quickly able to find the perfect French translator for any request. The client was in a hurry, so had opted to use our rush translation service so that she could have the translation as soon as possible. As such, our translator got to work straight away. The French to English translation of the birth certificate was straightforward and our translator worked quickly and efficiently. 



Translate Your French Birth Certificate to Any Language - Satisfaction Guaranteed


The client was delighted with the result – she received the translated, certified English version of her French birth certificate within a day of asking Tomedes to help her. She was also thrilled to have been charged such a reasonable price for such a speedy and high quality service. An all-round win for Tomedes and our client!

There are many reasons why you might need a French birth certificate translation, or maybe even one for a marriage certificate, divorce certificate or death certificate. Usually, such requirements come with a time pressure all of their own. We can ease the stress of the situation with our rapid and reliable services. Simply contact us to find out more. And if you need any other kind of document translated, we’re here to help with that too.

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