Accurate French Educational Translations on a Tight Deadline

Tomedes provides French translation solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We recently completed a project translating educational materials from English to French Canadian. This project highlights our dedication to delivering precise and culturally relevant translations, ensuring that educational content is accurately and effectively communicated to French Canadian educators and students.

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Accurate French Educational Translations on a Tight Deadline

July 01, 2024

Our client

Company Name: EduPlus (Pseudonym)

What Does the Company Do?

EduPlus is a company that provides comprehensive educational content and training materials, catering to a diverse range of learners and educators.

Deadline Set by the Client: 7 days

What Do They Need?

Our client needed to translate various educational documents from English to French Canadian. These documents included tutorials, regulatory guidelines, and exam content. The translations were considered a high priority, and the client requested a rolling delivery to facilitate timely review and feedback.

The challenges

Despite having only a week to complete the project, we encountered several challenges, which we will discuss in this section.

First, our client required the translations to be completed within a very short timeframe. This tight deadline necessitated efficient project management and expedited translation workflows to ensure timely delivery without compromising the quality of the translations.

Second, the project involved translating documents in multiple formats, including .docx and .xlsx files. Additionally, the content was highly specialized, covering regulatory guidelines and instructional materials that required precise and accurate translation.

Third, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the translations was crucial, especially given the presence of industry-specific terminology and non-translatable terms. Maintaining the integrity of these terms while ensuring the overall translation quality was a significant challenge that needed careful attention.

We overcame the issues above for three reasons:

First, Tomedes has a structured project management approach, coordinating closely with the client and the translation team to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Second, we assigned experienced translators who were well-versed in handling specialized content and multiple document formats to ensure precise and accurate translations.

Third, to maintain consistency and accuracy, we utilized advanced translation management tools and established a comprehensive review process to make sure that industry-specific terminology and non-translatable terms were correctly handled.

Why Tomedes?

Since 2007, Tomedes has been providing high-quality French translations for businesses and organizations worldwide. As a leading company in the translation industry, we provide comprehensive language solutions for all variants of the French language. Our team of experienced French Canadian translators and project managers ensures accurate and high-quality translations tailored to your specific needs.

Also, we understand the importance of clear and frequent communication. Throughout any project, we make sure to maintain regular contact with the client to address any issues promptly and ensure that all instructions are followed meticulously.

By employing advanced translation management tools to track progress and maintain consistency across all documents, we can provide real-time updates on the translation status, ensuring transparency and allowing the client to monitor the progress closely.

The solution

First, we assembled a team of experienced translators and project managers who were well-versed in the translations for the French Canadian variant. This team included the client's regular translator to ensure consistency in terminology and style.

Second, our team maintained frequent communication with the client to ensure that all instructions were followed and any issues were addressed promptly. This included clarifying any doubts regarding industry-specific terminology and non-translatable terms, as well as providing regular updates on the project’s progress.

Lastly, to facilitate timely review and feedback, we adopted a rolling delivery approach. Translations were delivered in batches as they were completed, allowing the client to review and provide feedback continuously. 

The result

Our client was delighted with the speed at which we delivered the translated files. After each delivery, they thoroughly evaluated the content and were impressed by its precision and cultural relevance for their French Canadian educators and students.

Based on our latest correspondence, they plan to use the educational materials for the upcoming school year. They have also expressed their eagerness to collaborate with us on future multilingual educational projects.


The successful outcome of our project and collaboration with EduPlus highlights our ability to handle large-scale translation projects under tight deadlines while ensuring accuracy, consistency, and client satisfaction.

For businesses seeking reliable and efficient Canadian French translation solutions, Tomedes offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your translation projects.

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