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A Finnish web design company requested a technical business contract translation to pass on to their customers

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Professional Finnish Translation of Business Contract

November 11, 2012

Finnish Translation of Business Contract

Website design and development companies are often outsourced, hired overseas or regularly contracted between speakers of different languages. This often requires web content translation and localization - but, long before that, the business contract itself must be translated for both parties.  We recently provided a web design and development company with business contract translation from Finnish to English, so they could then forward it to their newly established client.  The document was about 700 words long and completed within a day.  In this case, the contract complied with Finnish law, which requires not only a professional Finnish translation, but one provided by a translator aware of Finnish business laws between Finnish service providers and those who outsource them from international locations.  

For instance: "in accordance with Finnish law" - is taken right from the actual contract.  The contract does not go into detail as to what Finnish law may or may not allow.  It assumes that the reader of the contract already knows.  Obviously, most of us are not familiar with the laws and regulations of international Finnish business, services and trades.  Fortunately, a professional Finnish translator of business documents - does.

Finnish to English translation is one of many language pairs for a business contract that we provide to clients.  Some languages are easier than others when it concerns translating business contracts, which often have technical or legal jargon.  When business contracts contain technical terminology, delegating the translation service to the right translator is a big part of the process.  This can sometimes be a little tricky, because there is often enough technical legal content that it is beyond what a general translator can do, but it also may have specific industry references and terminologies in the content that are unfamiliar to a typical legal translator

Legal Business Contracts and Technical Business Translations: How Do You Find the Right Translator?

While this particular business translation was simply for a website design company, it is not uncommon for us to receive a translation service order for a construction company contract, which may have both very technical industry terms as well as legal terms.  This type of contract translation demands a very specifically skilled translator - even more so, if the langauge pair is one that is not as commonly asked for, such as English to Turkish translation, or Korean to English translation - not that these translations are entirely rare in and of themselves, but when combined with specific industries, and also technical legal or medical jargon, appropriating the best possible translator can often be quite a process.  This is also why it is important to ensure that as a client, you trust your business document translations to a reputable translation company, and even then, it is highly recommended to have all important documents proofread.

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