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Finnish to English video translation

January 17, 2018

By Ofer Tirosh

A new client recently approached Tomedes looking for a cost effective video translation service. His company had a series of videos recorded in Finnish, which he wanted to make available to English-speaking audiences via YouTube as part of his marketing strategy. 

Our translation company was delighted to help. Demand for video translation services has exploded in recent years, so we’ve built an expert team of video translators in order to address this need. As well as being professional linguists, the team is highly skilled at transcription, time stamping/syncing and subtitling. This ensures that we can meet our clients’ varying needs by providing a personalised video translation service. 

For this Finnish translation, our expert Finnish to English translator got to work straight away. The client was looking for a full transcription of each video, along with the translated, time stamped copy in English. This posed no problem for our translator and she was able to work quickly and efficiently in order to meet the client’s deadline. 

Marketing translation of this nature can be a powerful tool. An increasing number of companies are using the medium of video to engage with their customers and to reach out to new customers. Professional translation means that they can do so in more than one country. 

Translation cost was a key concern for this client. As he was trialling a new marketing strategy, he wanted to be sure to keep his expenses down until he could assess how effective that strategy was likely to be. He was therefore delighted by Tomedes’ signature blend of superb value for money and accurate translation. After trialling his first batch of videos in English, the client fully intends to use the Tomedes translation team once again to reach out to even more English-speaking customers. 

For all of your translation needs, Tomedes is here to help. We provide everything from business translation services to personal translations. Please contact us for further details. 

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