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Client located in Boston needed Burmese to English translation and proofreading of financial accounting documents.

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Burmese Translation & Proofreading of Accounting Documents

August 01, 2010

Financial Proofreading and Accounting Translation Service

Financial document translation covers a huge area of various categories, and requires many areas of expertise and knowledge for document translation service. Financial business translation requires those familiar with business finances, while financial legal translation requires those who have expertise in things like will beneficiary expedition, insurance payouts, and other such documents. Accounting is a more general financial translation service, but requires no less expertise or experience with financial and accounting document translation. Recently, a client located in Boston needed Burmese translation of various accounting documents and files, in order to translate any remaining texts, and proofread all files.

Financial accounting translation and proofreading must be done with complete accuracy, due to the precision of numbers and figures, as well as the precise meaning derived from the translated text. Accounting errors can lead to disaster for a business. For this reason, it is important to have only a leading professional translation service like Tomedes handle any kind of accounting or financial document translation service. To get a free quote on any financial accounting translation, or for any Burmese to English translation, simply send your files using the menu on the left, or input the total word count. You'll receive an instant estimate of our very affordable translation rates - compared to any other leading translation company, we offer the lowest cost translation service available.

Burmese Translation in Boston and Financial Business Translation in New York

The client needing financial Burmese translation in Boston (specific client details are prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) had several accounting files written in Burmese with partial translations that needed proofreading, as well as completion of Burmese to English translation for accounting documents. Because we have such a large, well-established global network of translators, we were able to provide Burmese translators with professional financial translation experience and expertise, as well as Burmese translation proofreaders and a project supervisor.

Other recent financial document and accounting translation service we have provided include stock exchange and stock report translation from Japanese to English, Thai translation of insurance benefits statement, and financial investment business translation in New York from English to Chinese - along with dozens of other financial document translations. Some financial documents also require notarized translation, which we are also able to provide our clients, along with fast and accurate professional financial translation and consistently low cost translation service.

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