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A new client contacted us the other day. In her initial email, the client expressed that she�'d like a Finnish translation of her charity�'s quarterly fiscal report.

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Fast Finnish Translation of a Fiscal Report

March 01, 2015

A new client who worked in the charity sector contacted us the other day. In her initial email, the client expressed that she’d like a Finnish translation of her charity’s quarterly fiscal report. She also emphasized that she required a quick translation of the financial document.

Nadia (one of our Project Managers) replied to the client within the hour, indicating that she’d be happy to organize the client’s translation, and was already seeking a suitable Finnish translator if she decided to go ahead with the project. 

The client was happy with Nadia’s efficiency, and suspected that it was reflective of our translation service as a whole – an assumption that we were delighted to prove accurate! 

The client decided to approve the translation, and the Finish translator Nadia previously identified began work on the client’s fiscal report. The translator had a natural skill for financial translation, which was gained by working on many similar documents. At Tomedes, we always ensure that translators chosen to work on documents have ample experience with similar sorts of text, ensuring a quick turnaround and an expert translation. 

This benefited the client considerably, who was able to receive her translation in the timeframe she desired, and was then able to use it to make a successful presentation to the charity’s international investors. 

Thanks to such a quick and effortless service, the client said she was happy to be in contact again when she need more financial reports translating.

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