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Fashion Translation for Clothing Labels and More

November 22, 2010

Fashion and Clothing Label Translation Service

We have recently provided a client within the fashion industry with translation service for their clothing labels and tags. You may not think about this when you purchase an item of clothing, many major fashion retailers and fashion design companies print their labels for size and style, as well as washing instructions with English to Spanish translation at the least. Many also use English to French translation, and English to Portuguese or German. While these are the mostly popular languages other than English for North and South America, fashion translation for labels and clothing tags obviously vary according to the market. We also service this areas as well, and have provided fashion translation from English to Russian, English to Chinese, and more.

To get a free quote for any kind of tag and fashion label translation, or for fashion translation of any kind, and from any size business or company, please fill out the user menu on the left, uploading your source file or inputting the amount of words. Within a few seconds, you'll have a detailed estimate of our low translation rates.

The client that requested fashion label translation from our translation company is a globally established clothing design and retail company, with international retail locations and headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The clothing line has particular popularity among youth/teenagers and young adults. As part of their PR and marketing, and in order to establish relevance to their target market, they came to us for professional translation of their clothing labels and tags, in order to cater to the various international languages of their customer market.

The services and language pairs to be applied to the translation for clothing labels and tags included English to Chinese, English to Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, and several others. The reason for such a high number of language translations is due to our client's international market, as well as the numerous international retail locations of their stores. Because of our ability to provide them with each requested language translation service they wanted, not only were they pleased with us, but have added us as their primary translation company.

Technical Translation to Localized Marketing

In the recent past, we've covered similar projects like this within the fashion industry, including a large project which involved several facets of translation service, and likewise, several areas of translation expertise. Marketing translation, advertising translation, localization, and several areas of technical IT translation service were needed for a long-term fashion industry project, which also required Ukrainian translation, English to Russian translation and English to Turkish translation.

Normally no one would associate the fashion industry with a professional translation company - but we are here to serve as a bridge between all cultures and languages, regardless of the orientation of the source or the target audience. Whether a fashion retailer or an asphalt distributor, all businesses need to communicate to foreign markets using translation and globalization, in order for international success to be gained - and that is exactly what we provide.

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