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Tomedes was recently asked to undertake a large translation job of handwritten legal papers from Farsi to English.

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Farsi to English legal translation

April 13, 2016

Farsi is the most widely spoken Persian language. Tomedes was recently asked to undertake a large translation job of papers from Farsi to English. Unusually for a job of this size, the papers were all handwritten, meaning that our translator had to have a keen eye for cursive as well as excellent language skills. 

The documents were needed in English for a court case and contained a variety of technical legal terms. Thankfully, Tomedes has a bank of expert legal translators on hand for jobs like this. With 5,000 professional human translators in our network, we have the skills and expertise that our clients need, no matter the subject area or language required. 

This client had approached us through the Tomedes website, using our instant quote service and then contacting us by email. We quickly agreed the details of the job with him, so that our translator could get to work. He had already been impressed with the value for money that Tomedes offered and we were keen to impress him with our efficiency as well!

The translator did an excellent job. His translation was produced swiftly and in perfect English. He had queried a few words with the client, just to be certain he had read the handwriting correctly, and kept the client informed daily of progress (as the client had asked to be kept up to date in this manner).

The client was delighted with the end result. He received a professional English translation of his Farsi legal papers on time and within budget – another very happy Tomedes customer. 

Whether you need help with a legal translation, website translation or other business translation, Tomedes is here to help. Use our online quote service for an instant price, or get in touch to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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