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A corporate client recently approached Tomedes to ask for her website to be translated from English to Ukrainian

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English to Ukrainian website translation

November 04, 2015

In order to spread your company’s brand around the world, you need a website in multiple languages. The first thing most people do these days when they hear of a company that they want to know more about is to look it up on the internet. Quite simply, if your website isn’t available in a certain language then you are missing out on sharing your brand with all those who speak it. 

Well aware of this, a corporate client recently approached Tomedes to ask for her website to be translated from English to Ukrainian. Her business plan involved reaching out to a number of new countries, one of which was the Ukraine. 

This was a substantial job – the website featured a large product range, with each item requiring translation of a brief description, longer description and technical notes. We knew that our Kiev translator was more than up to the task and so assigned the work to her straight away. 

Even at the fast pace at which our best Ukrainian translator in Kiev works, the huge site took nearly two weeks to translate due to the sheer volume of content. During that time, we kept the client informed as to progress, so that she was aware at all times of how the work was coming along. 

As each page of the website translation was completed, the Tomedes quality assurance team got to work to ensure that it met our rigorous standards of accuracy and quality. 

The client was delighted with the completed website, which has allowed her to present her business to potential new customers across the whole of the Ukraine. 

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