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Tomedes recently completed the English to Turkish translation and localization of a gaming app.

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English to Turkish app translation and localization

April 24, 2016

In many circumstances, clients require not just a translation service but also a localization service. This can apply to everything from marketing materials to subtitles. Most recently, Tomedes completed the English to Turkish translation and localization of a gaming app. 

The client had developed his app in English, which was his native language, but he did not want to limit its audience to only the English-speaking world. Therefore he planned to translate the app into a range of other languages, starting with Turkish. 

Tomedes was pleased to be able to help. Our network of professional translators operates 24/7 and we are proud to offer localization services as part of our work. Localization means that as well as translating the document, it is subtly adapted to ensure that it is culturally appropriate to the intended audience. This is an important way to avoid inadvertent faux pas when presenting materials that were developed in one country to another. 

Our leading Istanbul translator was available to work on this app, so we set her to work straight away. We knew here to be a highly competent app and software translator, so she was the perfect person to undertake this job. 

The Turkish app translation and localization was completed in good time and then handed to the Tomedes quality assurance team for review. The team is responsible for checking the quality of each and every translation that Tomedes produces, so that our clients remain consistently impressed with the high standards to which we work. 

For all your software or app translation and localization needs, contact us today. You can obtain an instant quote from our website or chat with us on the phone, by email or via our live web chat service. We look forward to knowing how we can help to meet your translation needs. 

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