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English to Spanish Business Contract Translation

November 13, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

A company who wanted their business contracts translated from English into Spanish approached Tomedes with a quotation request. The documents were very precise in nature, and required a great deal of expertise to translate accurately. 

Thankfully, Tomedes has Spanish translators who specialise in legal documents, and a competitively priced quote was soon returned to the client. Additionally, the experienced project manager also asked the client whether the translation should reflect the US, Latin American or European Spanish variant.

Based on the value of the quote and clear expertise of the translator, the client was keen to commission the translation. However, the client noticed that he accidently sent an old version of the document to Tomedes for the original price quote.

The project manager assured the client that his oversight wasn’t a problem, and sent a new quote to the client straight away. When making the new quote, the keen-eyed manager noticed that the new document was actually shorter than the client thought it was, and so was able to reduce the price even further.

Needless to say, the client was overjoyed with the project manager’s honesty and attention to detail, and the client approved the project then and there.

The translation was completed within the agreed timeframe, and returned to the client with a friendly salutation. The client was so pleased with the service that he asked the same translator to work on another document straight away, and the client has since become one of Tomedes regular customers. 

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