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Globalisation has led to an international governance structure in many businesses, with boards of subsidiary companies operating in other languages.

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November 01, 2013

Running a business becomes more complex as the world becomes a smaller place. With globalisation comes the need to reach out to ever wider audiences for retail products and technical documentation. Globalisation has also seen a move towards a more international governance structure in many businesses, with boards of subsidiary companies operating in other countries and languages than the parent corporation. 

This is an area in which Tomedes’ professional translation service expertise proves invaluable. We use a network of translators from across the world to undertake high quality, human business translation of a wide range of documents. 

One of our regular clients – an English-speaking parent corporation with a subsidiary company in Russia – often needs board documents translated from English into Russian, in order that they can be shared with the local subsidiary board. Given the documents relate to key decisions within the company, speed and accuracy are essential. We use two translators to undertake the work for this company, both of whom have backgrounds in corporate governance. This expertise aids them in providing contextual translation, while having two people on hand means that we can always provide a fast and efficient service – even if one of our translators is unavailable for some reason. 

Most recently, the client asked us to translate a set of board minutes. We had less than 48 hours in which to complete the work, but the double translator arrangement that we had set up for this client meant that we were easily able to meet the deadline. The Russian version of the document was provided to the client in good time and shared with the subsidiary board members, allowing the company to continue to operate efficiently, despite the international borders and language barrier between the two boards. 

This is how Tomedes slots into the needs of international businesses. We use creative solutions to provide professional translation services at market-leading prices, no matter what language requirements companies may have. 

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