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Tomedes often undertakes marketing translations, such as the English to Norwegian website translation that we completed last week.

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English to Norwegian Website Translation

July 08, 2014

Tomedes is often asked to undertake marketing translations for companies around the world, such as the English to Norwegian website translation that we completed last week. With plentiful pages of product descriptions, as well as service, sales, delivery and refund terms for goods purchased, this was an extensive job, requiring the commitment of a translator for almost a month. 

Tomedes had the perfect person for the job – our top business and marketing translator based in the Norwegian city of Bergen. We always use professional human translators based in the country of the target language. It’s one of many ways in which we ensure that our translations are of such high quality. 

We had already impressed the client by providing such a competitive quote, and we continued to do so once the work began. The translator provided him with regular updates so that he remained fully informed of which stage the project was at, meaning he was reassured as to the progress being made throughout the job. This clear and open communication also meant that any queries from the translator were addressed promptly as part of the process. 

After professional proofreading by the Tomedes team, the website copy was sent back to the client. He was thrilled to receive such a professional and high quality translation for such a good price. 

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