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English to Italian Website Content Translation

December 29, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

One of our regular customers runs a number of different websites, and he recently got back in touch with us to request that his latest website be translated into Italian. Our client values the availability of our staff, who are on hand 24/7 to respond to emails quickly or to pick up the telephone when it rings.

Having got through to Nadia, Tomedes’ project manager, our client explained his wishes, and also pointed out that, whilst some pages of his website were already in Italian, they would need completely re-translating from the English source text as part of the job. 

The client explained that this was because he previously experimented with machine-based translation to convert these pages into Italian, which he found resulted in an inadequate final result. 

One of the key advantages of employing human translators, such as those who work with us at Tomedes, is that documents can be accurately localized. And in the case of website text, translators with experience in HTML coding can work around the text’s HTML formatting, saving the client time.

Nadia selected Joel to work on the project: Joel is one of our leading Italian translators and has extensive experience in web design. Joel was able to translate the website’s text whilst preserving the HTML formatting, allowing the client to quickly upload the finished text.

The client thanked Joel and Nadia for the translation’s quick completion, and was pleased to see that Tomedes reputation for competitive pricing still rings true.

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