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The Tomedes team recently worked with a client who needed his business manual translated from English to Hungarian.

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English to Hungarian staff manual translation

September 19, 2018

Running a profitable business in just one country can sometimes be enough of a challenge, but for those whose ventures draw them into the field of international operations, the challenges can be even greater! 

The Tomedes team recently worked with a client who had established a business in the UK, then expanded to Hungary. He was facing some challenges in ensuring consistency of service across the two countries, so was seeking to standardise a number of procedures and introduce policy documents in both languages. He had written the documents in English, but wasn’t confident enough of his written Hungarian in order to translate them. 

Thankfully, here at Tomedes we have plenty of professional Hungarian translators ready and available for projects just such as this. Business document translation is one of our core services and we ensure that our translators are highly experienced and suitably qualified. 

Our leading Hungarian translator was able to start work on this project straight away. He used the free, online Tomedes Text Summarizer Tool in order to pull the copy from the original files and relevant sections of the client’s website (to which the policy documents referred), ready to translate it. 

The manual translation work progressed quickly. In fact, the client was delighted with how fast the translation work was undertaken, as well as with the accuracy of the completed manual. It meant that he was able to rapidly move ahead with his plans for standardising his company’s operations. As the owner of the company, this meant a great deal to him. 

Tomedes works with business clients in a range of way to ensure that translation can enhance the way that they operate. If your company has documents, websites, video files or anything else that needs to be translated, we are here to help. Simply chat to our friendly team by phone, email or live chat on our website in order to get started. 

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