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English to Hindi Human Resource Translation

August 01, 2023

Today’s global economy has opened doors for companies to tap into a diverse pool of talent. The inclusion of multicultural workforces has become increasingly beneficial for both company diversity and individual professional growth. 

Tomedes recently translated HR documents from English to Hindi, helping a firm in recruiting Hindi-speaking professionals, thereby furthering cultural and linguistic diversity in today’s borderless business environment.

Hindi Human Resource Translation for a Global Workforce

This particular client holds a prominent position as one of the leading financial services and life insurance companies. With representation in over 70 nations and territories, the breadth of its influence and reach is undeniable – recognized by households and industry peers alike.

The objectives of the client’s campaign include:

  • To broaden their extensive network of Hindi-speaking professionals

  • To tailor their content for respective cultural contexts to increase engagement with Hindi-speaking professionals

  • To emphasize their value for diversity and their commitment to creating an inclusive, global workforce.


Delving into the Linguistic and Cultural Nuances

At Tomedes, we have a very close relationship with our Hindi language professionals, which enables us to select the linguist best suited for each project. When it came to translating the HR documents for this client, we knew exactly which Hindi linguist had experience in HR-related projects and would be a perfect match. An understanding of human resources terminology and processes was crucial, but equally important was a nuanced appreciation of the diverse cultures involved.

Our team has helped the client by:

  • Translating recruitment materials from English to Hindi

  • Tailoring their messages and approach – ensuring cultural appropriateness and professionalism

  • Providing translated materials that accurately reflects their brand values, which includes diversity and inclusion

A seasoned project manager and our dedicated customer support ensured that communication for this Hindi translation of HR documents went smoothly.

Other Solutions We Offer

After over a decade of experience, Tomedes has established a strong reputation across a wide variety of industries. This includes HR-related translations such as resumes, PR materials, and onboarding documents. We support a wide range of languages, which includes Hindi among other widely used languages. This unique combination of domain expertise and language diversity made Tomedes the perfect choice for the client's ambitious recruitment project.

A Spot-on Translation

In the end, the client was absolutely delighted with the translated documents we’ve provided. Conversely, we are highly grateful for the trust that was given to us by this prominent financial industry player.

This project served as yet another testament to our ability to bridge language gaps and foster inclusive communication in businesses around the world. We are ready to assist other enterprises with their diverse linguistic needs in the realm of human resources and beyond.


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