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Translation of a real estate business presentation from Hebrew to English

September 23, 2015

For many industries, websites, glossy brochures and presentations are the essential marketing tools that introduce their products to the world and provide the information needed to engage customers. Sales tools such as these are invaluable for a wide range of companies and particularly for businesses in the real estate sector. 

Tomedes was recently asked to undertake the translation of a real estate business presentation from Hebrew to English. The client planned to reach out to new markets and knew that in order to do so he had to provide his main presentation document in flawless English. Computerized translation would not do – he needed an accurate translation that would impress potential customers and leave them eager to know more about his properties. 

The Tomedes professional business document translation team got to work at once. Our network of translators covers a vast array of languages and between them have experience of working in multiple real estate scenarios, from high end homes to commercial premises. 

We used a native English translator, who is also fluent in Hebrew, for this work. Wherever possible we use native translators in order to provide the best quality translations. We find that this is the best way to translate documents, whatever the language pairing that the client may need. 

With a big meeting fast approaching, this client needed his translation in a hurry. We were happy to oblige and worked diligently to ensure that his deadline was met. We also ensured that our translation service was delivered for a great price, so the client was extremely happy with the end result. 

Whether you have a website, brochure, presentation or other sales document that needs translating, the Tomedes team has the perfect translator ready and waiting. Send us an email or talk to one of our live chat agents to find out more. 

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