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A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake her English to German website and marketing document translation.

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English to German Website Translation

August 18, 2014

A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake her English to German website translation, following the translation of a range of corporate brochures and other marketing documents that we had previously successfully completed for her. 

European language pairings is one of Tomedes’ specialisms. We have an extensive network of translators placed throughout Europe in order to undertake them. We always look to use a translator based in the target language’s country and we never use machine translation – the quality just isn’t high enough for our exacting professional standards. 

For this client, we used our specialist business and marketing translator based in Berlin. He got to work immediately as the client needed her website translated urgently in order to promote his services to a new group of customers that she had identified in Germany. 

This was an extensive job, but our translator worked hard to ensure that the German version of the website was delivered well within the client’s timeframe. Our competitive pricing structure meant that the project was also delivered well within the client’s budget. The client was impressed with our fast, high quality service and has already put the German version of her website to good use. 

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