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English to German technical translation

December 09, 2018

By Ofer Tirosh

Technical translation requires a superb level of attention to detail. It’s a specialist area of translation that encompasses everything from manuals, data spreadsheets and patent documentation to process-related documents and data spreadsheets. It is a detailed, steady field of work that is used by companies of all sizes. 

Our most recent technical translation job was for a company that needed some of its documents translated from English to German. The company was seeking a new supply chain arrangement for a certain component of its product and was in an advanced stage of discussions with a German manufacturer. While both parties were clear on what was required, the company nevertheless wanted to translate the paperwork into flawless German in order that there could be no margin for error. 

Here at Tomedes, we assigned our leading German translator to the job, as his experience of translating government standards, patent documents and feasibility studies meant that he was ideally suited to the client’s technical translation. He got to work at once, ploughing steadily through the client’s documents and turning each one into flawless German copy. 

At the client’s request, we also assigned our desktop publishing team to this job, to ensure that the translated documents perfectly mirrored the originals. As such, we were able to hand the documents over to the client in the perfect format for him to share with his German counterparts. 

The client was thrilled with the skill and professionalism of the Tomedes service, as well as with our excellent translation price. 

At Tomedes we understand what it takes to run an international enterprise and we are here to help. From technical documents to financial and legal paperwork translation, we can provide the expertise your business needs to succeed overseas. Contact us today by phone, email or live chat to find out more. 

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