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A new client wished to have some documents detailing his firm's inventory translated into German which Tomedes has provided superb service.

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English to German Inventory Report Translation

December 29, 2014

Thanks to the high level of confidentiality that we treat all our clients with, we often find that global security firms are among some of our most regular customers. One client got in touch with us the other day, stating that a colleague in the sector referred him to us.

The new client wished to have some documents detailing his firm’s inventory translated into German, and our requirement for all parties involved with a client’s document to sign a non-disclosure agreement was particularly appealing to him. 

Moreover, we employ various translators who have a background in the security sector, and so accurately translating sector-bound terminology, along with a general awareness of how to handle these types of confidential documents, is something that clients from this particular sector can expect.

Our expertise in handling these documents, along with the utmost professionalism and exemplary customer service he received from Nadia (the manager in charge of this project), led the client to commission the project. 

A suitable translator was selected, and the translation soon began. The client mentioned that he had a tight deadline to work towards, and Nadia offered to work with the translator to establish a priority that the documents could be completed in. Resultantly, each document was returned to the client as soon as it was completed.

The client was very pleased with this arrangement, and our reputation for the quick delivery of completed work was one of the things that the client’s colleague mentioned when referring him to us originally.

After the client received the final document, he expressed his thanks for the quality and efficiency of the service he received, stating that he’d be sure to refer others to us too!

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