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Document translation for electronic devices is a detailed task requiring impressive accuracy, which is just what Tomedes specialises in

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Technical document translation from English into French

September 23, 2015

The manufacture and sale of electronic goods is one of the largest global markets. Those who make electronic devices not only have to ensure they products themselves are desirable, work well and comply with safety regulations, but also have to provide manuals in the language(s) of every country in which they plan to sell them. 

Using a professional translation company such as Tomedes is essential for manufacturing businesses like this. Our global team of professional human translators is perfectly positioned to undertake document translation into multiple languages. 

Most recently, we completed the translation of a technical document containing more than 2,250 words from English into French. The client needed a quick turnaround and we were delighted to be able to complete the translation within just two business days. 

Our extensive translation experience has shown us that the best way to approach translation is to use human translators. Despite its development in recent years, machine translation still lacks the accuracy that professional individuals can provide and that businesses need in order for their documents to be credible. We also use native speakers wherever possible, matching the translator with the target language of the document that he or she is working on. 

The Tomedes network of translators extends around the globe. We aim to work with the best in order to provide a fast, accurate translation service for each and every one of our clients. We also aim to keep our costs low, delivering value for money as well as excellent translations. 

Feel free to put us to the test – email us or use our live chat service to tell us about your translation needs and we will provide you with a competitive price for the work. Remember to let us know the number of words in your document as well as the target language, so that we can provide an instant quote.

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