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Translating instruction manuals requires great attention to detail, like the instruction manual that Tomedes translated from English to French.

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English to French Instruction Manual Translation

February 06, 2014

Translating instruction manuals requires a high level of focus and attention to detail, as demonstrated by the instruction manual that Tomedes translated from English to French recently. The product was an electrical appliance for the kitchen, so as well as the usage instructions, we also had to provide flawless translations of the health and safety pages, the question and answer pages, the customer service details and so forth.

Manuals are one of Tomedes’ areas of expertise. We use a bank of professional translators to cover the English and French language pairing, and this includes a number of translators who have expertise in translating instructions manuals and other technical documents.

Our leading translator based in Lille was available to begin work on this job immediately, so we set him to work. He had one week to complete the translation, so that we could meet the client’s urgent deadline. He finished it in plenty of time and we carried out our usual round of quality assurance activities before handing the translated manual over to the client.

The high quality of the translation meant that the client was impressed. He was also very happy with the low cost of the Tomedes service and has already asked us to translate his instruction manual into Portuguese as well. 

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