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A regular client in the telecommunication business got in touch with us to request a translation of his company�'s annual financial report.

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English to French Annual Financial Report Translation

February 18, 2015

A regular client in the telecommunication business got in touch with us to request a translation of his company’s annual financial report. The client knew about our reputation for exceptional quality and service firsthand, and so was happy to commission the report as soon as possible.

The client was very keen to have the work back in a very short timeframe, and so asked Jerry (an account manager at Tomedes) if there were any measures he could take to return the translation quicker than normal?

Jerry explained that this might be challenging, as it was coming to the New Year, but that he would try to find a solution. Jerry managed to find three different translators, all of who spoke French natively and were familiar with business documents. 

Whilst we usually only select a single translator to work on a document (as this maintains the text’s consistency), the client was happy for multiple translators to work on different sections of his report, ensuring that it would be completed ASAP. In this case, the client valued speed over consistency.

The client commissioned the translation, and the completed document was soon returned to his inbox.

At Tomedes, we provide the best service possible to our customers. When issues arise (such as this client’s request for a very quick turnaround), we try to take every measure possible to work with our clients, prioritizing their needs.  

The client thanked Jerry again for his outstanding service, and Jerry’s commitment to go the extra mile for this client ensured we’d speak with him again soon!

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