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English to French is a common translation request, for everything from legal documents to marketing brochures.

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November 11, 2013

English to French is a common translation request, for everything from legal documents to marketing brochures. 

Recently Tomedes was asked to assign one of its bank of professional translators to undertake an interesting English to French job – the translation of a catalogue for an art centre. The job required a translator with an understanding of the art world, given the detailed nature of the text used in the brochure. A context-sensitive translation service was essential if the meaning of the catalogue was to be expressed as beautifully in French as it had been in English. 

Tomedes has built up a vast network of translators around the world, from all walks of life. For this job we looked to one of our leading Parisian translators – a lady who had previously been employed writing cultural guides to the city. Her background was perfect, so we engaged her to undertake the catalogue translation for the art centre. 

With just over 1,200 words in the document and the client anxious for an urgent translation, we committed to returning the completed French version of the catalogue to him within a week. We did not disappoint – our turnaround time was actually just four days, including time for the clarification of one or two points within the text. 

The client was thrilled to have his catalogue translated so promptly. With an important show coming up, he had enough things to stress about, without the catalogue translation adding to his worries. Tomedes ensured that he was provided with a fast, high quality translation service that left him free to focus on putting on the perfect show. 

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