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International banking can require legal document translation, such as the English to Burmese translation of legal consent forms that Tomedes undertook.

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English to Burmese Legal Banking Translation

February 06, 2014

International banking affairs can require the translation of a variety of documents, such as the English to Burmese translation of a set of legal consent forms that Tomedes undertook earlier this week. Burmese is a fascinating language and we have a number of translators who are able to pair it with various other languages.

For this client, the translation of legal consent forms into Burmese had to be done at the lowest possible cost. Thankfully, Tomedes has structured its business in such a way as to keep costs at a minimum, meaning we can always offer well-priced and competitive translation services to our clients. We do this while avoiding computerized translation and always using professional human translators, to ensure that we produce consistently flawless translations.

 We translated the client’s legal consent forms and returned them to him within a week, meaning he was able to proceed with his international banking business without any undue delays. The client was surprised by how easy and efficient the Tomedes translation service was to use and was pleased with the low price at which it was provided. He is likely to need further documents translated from English to Burmese in future and so looks forward to working with Tomedes again. 

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