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English to Brazilian Portuguese educational translation

August 29, 2018

A new client recently approached Tomedes via the live chat service on our website. She was looking for an educational translation, as she was due to present a lecture in Brazil. Live interpretation would take place on the day, so she would be able to speak in English, but she needed to use our Portuguese translation service for her slides. 

We were, of course, delighted to be able to help. Our expert Portuguese translator got started straight away, using the Tomedes Text Summarizer Tool to obtain a clean copy of the text, ready for translation. This tool is available for free to all those who work with words, from translators to copywriters. 

With the date of the client’s lecture fast approaching, our translator lost no time in getting to grips with the presentation. He translated each slide before typesetting it to mirror the original document.

Desktop publishing services are particularly useful when it comes to documents such as presentations. By providing these services, we ensure that our clients’ translations are useable from the moment we provide them – it cuts out the need for clients to try and format their own translated version, which is never easy when you’re working with a language that you don’t speak!

The client was thrilled with the professional finish of the Portuguese version of her presentation. Pre-lecture nerves were kicking in and she was extremely grateful to have the translation work ticked off her list so quickly and smoothly. She was also delighted with the value for money that the Tomedes service provided – a happy client on all fronts!

Whatever you need translating, Tomedes can help. We provide expert linguists covering more than 90 languages, so whether you need a video translated into Spanish or a website translated into Yoruba, we are here to help. Feel free to use our live chat service to find out more.

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