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Tomedes recently translated a marketing brochure and website from English to Norwegian - and then again from English to Swedish for the same client.

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English to Swedish marketing translation

December 13, 2015

The business world can move fast and sometimes the speedy use of a professional translation agency like Tomedes can make the difference between a company taking a big step forward or just standing still while their competitors overtake. 

This was the case with one client who recently approached Tomedes for a translation of her marketing documents – including brochures and a small website - from English into Norwegian. We completed the job in good time and the client was delighted to be able to follow her dream of expanding her company by reaching out to audiences in Norway. 

However, our work didn’t stop there. A short while later, one of the client’s contacts in Norway offered to introduce her company to a business contact of his in Sweden, who he was due to meet up with in a few days’ time. The Swedish contact represented a big opportunity for the client, so suddenly she needed everything translated into Swedish as well! 

With a global network of translators, Tomedes is always available to respond to urgent requests like this. Our translators work around the globe, so that we provide a true 24/7 service. For this client, we picked out best Swedish translator, based in Malmo, as we knew she would provide a fast and accurate translation that would not only encompass excellent linguistic skills but would also show cultural awareness of Swedish marketing terminology. 

The brochure and website were completed in time for the client’s contact to share them with the Swedish businessman. He was impressed with the client’s commitment to reaching out to him in his own language and partnership discussions are now well underway. 

Tomedes is here to help with all your business, marketing and other translation needs. Contact us today for an instant quote and let us help take your business to the next level.  

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