English to Spanish literary translation

Recently, a client came to Tomedes asking to use our literary translation service for the translation of his book.

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English to Spanish literary translation

January 31, 2018

While professional business translation is one of the core services that Tomedes provides, it is far from the only form of translation that we offer. Our company works on a wide range of documents, for clients spread around the world. Most recently, a client came to Tomedes asking to use our literary translation service. 

The client had shopped around online for a high quality translation agency with clear, upfront pricing. He had been delighted to come across our instant quote form, which provided him with an immediate indicative cost for his English to Spanish book translation project. He got in touch via our live chat service and was pleased by the responsive customer service that our friendly team provided. 

Having instructed our translation company to proceed, the client was keen to receive each chapter of his book as it was translated. This meant that he could work on the typesetting side of the project with his publisher, even while the translation was underway. This was, of course, no problem for the Tomedes team. 

Our Spanish literary translator remained in close contact with the client throughout the project. For various elements of the book, she was able to provide localization services as well as translation services. This helped the client to ensure that his novel was perfectly positioned to suit a Spanish audience. 

A literary translation project of this scale takes time, but our translator worked efficiently and methodically in order to deliver the client’s Spanish translation as fast as possible. 

As a result, the client was pleased not only with the translation cost that Tomedes presented, but also with our customer service and the quality of our translation work – an all-round win! 

No matter how large or small your translation project may be, Tomedes is here to help. Feel free to contact us to discuss your translation needs today.

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