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One of our clients in the US asked us to translate her two marketing brochures from English to Spanish

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English to Spanish brochure translation

February 17, 2016

Glossy marketing brochures are powerful tools and can be even more powerful when they reach out to potential customers in more than one language. 

This was precisely the goal of one of our clients in the US when she asked us to translate her two marketing brochures from English to Spanish. Her plan was to open up her business to customers in Latin America, as well as to Spanish-speakers living in the US. This was particularly important to her for her operations in the southern United States. In Florida, for example, Hispanics account for 23% of the state population, while in Texas some 38.2% of the population is Latino. 

Tomedes had quoted the client an excellent price and she was keen to move forward with the translation of her marketing brochures as soon as possible, so we engaged our best US English to Latin American Spanish translator to undertake the work. Based in Bolivia, his experience included translating a number of other marketing brochures and websites, so we knew he was the right man for the job. We always try to match our clients’ needs to our translators’ experience in this way as we find it makes for a smoother and more accurate translation.  

Our professional Bolivian translator completed the job in really good time – several days before the client was expecting to receive the translated brochures. Our quality assurance team reviewed his work (as part of our standard operating procedures) and the Spanish marketing brochures were then handed over to the client. She was truly delighted with the Tomedes service from start to finish. 

Whatever the language you are looking for, Tomedes has the right translator ready and waiting to assist you. Use our website to obtain an instant quote, or email or call us for more details. You can also use the website chat service to speak to someone online regarding your translation needs. 

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