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A new client put Tomedes to the test this week when she asked us to turn around her English to Slovenian subtitles translation job in just 48 hours

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English to Slovenian subtitles translation

September 04, 2016

A new client put the Tomedes team to the test this week when she asked us to turn around her English to Slovenian subtitles translation job in just 48 hours. It was a tall order, but our rush translation service was up to the challenge!

We’ve designed our business so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to urgent translation requests like this. Our network of professional human translators includes more than 5,000 expert linguists, spanning multiple time zones. This means that no matter what the day or time, we have professional translators on hand to get to work on projects at short notice. 

This case was no exception. We searched through our Slovenian translators for the perfect fit – a translator with experience of working on media documents, including films and video clips. With the perfect match located, we set him to work on the client’s subtitles immediately. Pairing our jobs with experienced translators in this way is just one of the methods by which Tomedes ensures that our translation service is known for its accuracy. 

Our professional Slovenian translator lost no time in getting to work on the client’s translation. He worked diligently to ensure that the subtitles were fully translated before the client’s deadline, in order that her project would not be delayed. 

The client was delighted with the fast and professional service that she received from Tomedes. Not only did we translate her subtitles on time, we also made sure the translation was approved by our quality assurance team before it was sent to her, as reassurance that the translated document was free if errors. 

We’ve worked hard over the years to set up a business model that provides trusted, expert translators at the same time as offering excellent value for money. Check it out for yourself by sending your next translation to Tomedes – we look forward to hearing from you.  

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