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A recent client came to Tomedes asking about Romanian translation for his website and blog.

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English to Romanian website translation

December 12, 2018

Website translation is one of the services that Tomedes translators are most often asked to provide. Whether your site exists to sell something, share information, promote a charitable cause or for any other purpose, website translation can ensure that your message reaches an even wider audience.

A recent client came to Tomedes asking about Romanian translation for his website. A Romance language with notable similarities with Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese, Romanian has between 24 million and 28 million speakers, the majority of them living in Romania and Moldova. 

Our client wanted to present his website to Romanian-speaking audiences. In addition to the main site, he also wanted to use the Tomedes blog translation service to translate his blog posts, going as far back as the start of 2018. The blog post translation would then continue as a regular service, with our Romanian translator working to translate each new post as soon as the English version was available. 

The website was large, particularly with the blog posts included, but our professional translator was not phased. Based in Bucharest, he has plenty of experience in translating from English to Romanian, with website translation being his speciality. He got to work at once and progressed methodically through the site, ensuring that each page was translated perfectly before moving on to the next. He left the blog posts until the end of the project, at the client’s request (the client planned to proceed with the main Romanian website as soon as possible, then add the blog posts as the second stage of the project). 

If you have a website – or video, novel, academic paper or any other type of document! – that needs translating, it’s time to speak to the Tomedes team. We will provide the perfect translator to meet your needs. 

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