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A recent client enlisted the help of Tomedes for Portuguese translation while planning a move to London

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English to Portuguese Educational Translation

November 26, 2019

There are so many factors to plan for when you move from one country to another. Planning your accommodation, work and healthcare can all take up significant amounts of time. When you factor in younger family members and the need to find good schools, moving overseas becomes even more complex. 

There are various ways to tackle this. There’s plenty of information available online about schooling options, from league tables to inspection reports. However, the sheer volume of information that’s available can be rather overwhelming.

For one Portuguese couple moving to London with their two children, schooling was a top priority. They had identified a few areas of the capital that they would be happy to settle in. Even so, with more than 3,000 schools in London, the choice offered by their few areas of interest was still significant. 

As such, the family took matters into their own hands. They paid a freelancer to prepare them a report of their options, sifting through the information available online and condensing it to a manageable size. Their own English language skills weren’t up to the task, so they had decided to use a freelancer to gather the information in English and then a translation agency to translate it from English to Portuguese. This was the point at which Tomedes got involved in the project. 

Professional Portuguese Translation Services 

The world is home to around 260 million Portuguese speakers, approximately 215-220 million of whom speak it natively. That makes it the sixth most natively spoken language on Earth. 

Despite being the original location in which Portuguese was spoken, Portugal itself is only home to around 10 million of the world’s Portuguese speakers. It is Brazil that is home to more Portuguese speakers than any other country, with more than 205 million speakers. Even Angola and Mozambique have more Portuguese speakers than Portugal does, at around 25 million each. 

Living in Portugal, this client wanted the educational report translated into European Portuguese. Tomedes provides translation services that include both Brazilian and European Portuguese translation (the differences between the two are roughly comparable to the variations in the English language around the world). 

We assigned one of our leading Portuguese translators to work on the client’s report. He got to work at once, eager to help the client advance the plans for their move to the UK. The Tomedes team are always keen to understand the bigger picture in this way, so that we can ensure we are doing all we can to help our clients achieve their goals – whatever those goals may be! It’s one of the ways in which we commit to providing an outstanding level of customer service. 

Accurate Document Translation 

Given the topic of the client’s report, it was essential that the translation be entirely accurate. The client’s children’s future prospects depended upon it! That’s why we ensured that we used a translator who was familiar with the UK schooling system, so that the client’s document translation would accurately reflect the language of the original report. 

In order to pair our translators appropriately with the translation work that we undertake, Tomedes operates a global network of language professionals. We don’t just embrace their language skills, but the rich variety of their expertise. This means that we can swiftly find the right medical translator or financial translator (or any other specialism) in response to our clients’ needs. 

We then back this up with a robust quality assurance system, so that our client’s translations are always of the highest quality. We’re so confident of this that every Tomedes translation comes with a one-year guarantee. 

This client certainly appreciated our attention to detail and our commitment to maintaining high standards. He was also pleasantly surprised by the reasonable translation cost. 

Fast Delivery Translations

Another aspect of our translation service of which Tomedes is justifiably proud is our delivery timescales. We work hard to ensure that our clients are impressed not only by the quality of our translations, but also by the speed at which we produce them. We offer an urgent translation service for those jobs that are truly last minute, but even our standard delivery timescales are impressive. 

For this client, it all added up to a perfect translation experience. He and his family were able to read their detailed educational report in their native language and use it as a key factor in deciding where their future home would be. What a great project to be a part of! 

If you have a document that you need translated (or a video or an audio file), then why not let the Tomedes team take care of it for you? Our professional, speedy service can provide you with the language pairing and specialist skills that you need. You can call, email or live chat with us to find out more. 

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