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A new client asked Tomedes to undertake his company brochure translation from English to Polish in order to run a united multilingual staff team.

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English to Polish company brochure translation

October 10, 2018

Running a multilingual staff team is a great way for a company to provide support services to a multilingual customer base. However, running a team that speaks a range of languages isn’t always easy. For one Tomedes client with a large Polish staff, translating the company brochure from English to Polish helped to ensure smooth operations and that all employees bought into the company’s values. 

The company in question operated its daily activities in English, as all of its staff spoke English with varying degrees of ability. However, it needed to ensure that all staff were able to identify with the company values in order to adhere to them during their daily work. With native Polish speakers making up a core part of its operations, the company asked Tomedes to provide Polish translation services for its corporate brochure. 

Our native Polish translators have a wealth of experience in translating business documents, so we were confident of being able to deliver an accurate translation in a timely fashion. Our top Polish business translator got to work right away. She worked speedily and efficiently through the brochure, providing the unique level of skill and ability that only a professional human translator can (we never use machine translation – it’s not accurate enough to meet our exacting standards). 

The result was a flawless translation from English to Polish. The client was thrilled with the result – and even more so with the superb value for money offered by the Tomedes translation service. A very happy customer indeed! 

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