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Our team of professional human translators was invited to translate an app from English to Polish.

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English to Polish app translation

March 20, 2016

App translation is an increasingly sought after service, as more and more developers seek to market their apps to overseas audiences. Tomedes provides specialist app translators to ensure the perfect app translation, every time. 

Most recently, our team of professional human translators was invited to translate an app from English to Polish. We immediately sought out our leading Polish translator, based in Bialystok. Her previous experience of app translation and technical translation meant that we knew she was the perfect translator for this job. 

Like many apps, this one contained a fairly small amount of text, so our translator was able to get through the work quickly and efficiently. Within a week of the client first approach Tomedes, she had translated the entire app into Polish, ready for the client to produce his final Polish version of it and start marketing it in Poland. 

The client was delighted with the speed with which Tomedes was able to assist him and with the high level of attention to detail that our translator committed to his app. This resulted in a word-perfect Polish translation – and all for a fantastic price. 

The ability to provide a personalised, attentive service in this way is one of the reasons that Tomedes always uses professional human translators and never machine translation. Our clients expect accurate translations and that is what we provide, something which wouldn’t be possible if we used machine translation. Translation is about the overall language, not just individual words, and our professional translators understand that. 

To find out more about Tomedes and how we can help with your business translation or personal document translation, browse our website today. You can obtain an instant quote for your translation, read up about the services we offer and find contact details to get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

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