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The Tomedes team was asked to assist a boutique hotel in translating a range of documents from English to Norwegian.

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English to Norwegian business translation

December 27, 2015

Translation in the hospitality industry is something that is often required. Most recently, the Tomedes team was asked to assist a boutique hotel in translating a range of documents from English to Norwegian. 

The hotel’s English owners were on the brink of opening up their small, exclusive hotel in Norway. They wanted to present the hotel’s information manual, along with its menus, in dual languages. They had written the English version of everything and now needed it to be translated into perfect Norwegian. They also wanted the Norwegian to be added to the English documents section by section, rather than provided as separate documents. 

Tomedes was happy to help. We turned to our top Norwegian translator in Bergen, who had previously translated a vast range of travel and hospitality sector documents. We always match our translators’ particular skills and experience with our clients’ needs in this way – it’s part of the background work we do to ensure that each translation is of such high quality. 

The hotel manual was extensive, but our translator worked diligently and was able to produce the entire document in Norwegian in just under one week. The Tomedes desktop publishing team then got to work, setting the document out in just the manner that the client had described. The team even spotted and corrected a couple of typos in the original English text. 

The client was thrilled with the high quality of the translation and with how quickly Tomedes had been able to produce it. He was also delighted by our reasonable price. 

Whatever the translation needs of your business, Tomedes can help. We have a network of translators available 24/7 around the globe and cover a vast range of language pairings. Use our website to get an instant quote or get in touch for more information and to discuss your translation requirements. 

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