English to Mandarin video translation

A recent client used the Tomedes professional translation service to undertake his English to Mandarin video translation.

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English to Mandarin video translation

March 18, 2018

Demand for video translation continues to rise, with Tomedes’ professional video translators working on media files for clients around the world. From YouTube videos to adverts to product demonstrations, demand for video translation has never been higher. 

Video is a powerful medium for reaching out to a range of audiences. Translating it multiples those who can be reached with a single video file. However, video translation is no easy task. The file usually has to be transcribed in full, then translated and timestamped to ensure that the translated copy marries up perfectly to the moving images. If not, the translation will quickly become out of sync with the video. 

A recent client used our service after reading a Tomedes translation review online. He had an English language product marketing video that he wanted to translate to Mandarin. We were happy to help. 

Tomedes has a network of professional translators that extends around the globe and which includes highly experienced video translators covering a wide range of language pairings. As such, we lost no time in matching an ideally qualified English to Mandarin translator to the client’s job. Her language skills were outstanding and she was an experienced transcriptionist and video translator. By matching our clients’ requirements with our translators’ skills in this way, we always ensure the most accurate translation possible. 

The translator made quick work of the client’s video, providing him with a flawless, timestamped translation. He was able to put the translation to good use straight away, thus furthering his business objectives smoothly as a result of the Tomedes translation service. 

Whether you have a video, a website, a brochure or any other file that needs translating, Tomedes is here to help. Our professional linguists work with clients around the world, ensuring they can meet their business goals, no matter which country those goals may be in. Contact us for further details. 

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