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A recent Tomedes client produced a video showcasing their product. Now they needed it translated from English to Chinese.

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English to Simplified Mandarin Chinese video translation

August 28, 2019

The use of video as a marketing tool continues to grow, with companies around the world turning to videographers to help them grow their brands and increase their customer engagement rates. 

According to this article on video marketing facts from WordStream, over half of video content is now viewed on mobile devices. The figure jumps to 90% when it concerns videos viewed on Twitter, emphasising the need for companies to produce succinct, mobile-friendly videos when showcasing their products and services. 

Simplified Chinese from professional translators

A recent Tomedes client had done just that – produced a brief video highlighting their product. Now they needed it translated from English to Chinese. We were delighted to be able to help. 

We work with only highly qualified and experienced translators when delivering our Chinese translation services. Our Mandarin translators are native speakers who specialise in a range of disciplines, to ensure that we can meet every client’s individual needs. 

Video translation for a global client base

In the case of this client, we assigned our leading Mandarin Chinese video translator. Video translation requires that the translator not just be a great linguist, but also a skilled transcriptionist. Fast, accurate transcription is a core component of successful video translation and this is precisely what we delivered to this client. 

Our translator first transcribed the video file, then translated it from the original English into flawless Chinese. At the client’s request, we provided both the English transcription and the translated Mandarin version. This meant that the client would be able to use the transcription as the basis of future translations, while also having the Mandarin version available to share with the voiceover artist that she had lined up. 

Global customer satisfaction 

Here at Tomedes we always strive to treat each client as an individual and to comply with their particular requests. Our long-term satisfaction rating stands at over 95%, highlighting the continued positive work that we are achieving with our clients around the world. 

Indeed, a commitment to delivering high quality services is part of Tomedes’ ethos. We not only provide talented linguists with appropriate specialist skills, such as video translation or desktop publishing experience, but also deliver customer service that is designed to make each and every customer feel valued and important – because they are. 

Meeting your translation needs

Tomedes works with customers from around the planet, meeting a huge range of business translation needs. Whatever you need, we are here to help. You can call, email or live chat with our friendly team to find out more or why not use our website for an instant quote? 

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