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The client wanted a Hebrew legal contract translated into English. The contract was fairly complex, featuring lots of clauses and sub-points.

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Legal contract translation from Hebrew to English

July 03, 2015

Law translation is extremely important to get right. With all the minute details and the potential to change a legal agreement with even the slightest error, translating these sorts of documents is certainly no joke! Thanks the the professional aptitude of the translators we work with, our clients from the law sector are confident to work with us on an ongoing basis.

The other day, we were again contacted by one of our regular law clients who resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. On this occasion, the client wanted to have a Hebrew contract translated into English. The contract was fairly complex, featuring lots of different clarificatory clauses and sub-points to each section of the contract. It was immediately apparent that only the best translators would suffice for this job, and we assigned one of our experienced law translators to the task.

Our professional law translator is based in Texas, U.S., and has both a bachelor's degree in law and a considerable amount of first-hand experience working in the field. This enabled our translator to work on the project with skill and speed. He worked through each clarificatory clause present in the document, ensuring the best word was used to convey the technical Hebrew law terminology.

The client soon received the completed English translation back in his inbox, and was appreciative for the care and attention to detail that our translator provided. The accurate translation enabled the client to present his contract to the other party, safe in the knowledge that our professional translator conveyed the document's meaning and finer details with the utmost of accuracy.

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