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The translation of educational documents, in particular education software, is a skilled role and is one of Tomedes' areas of translation expertise

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English to Korean education software translation

October 14, 2015

The modern business world often requires paperwork in to be duplicated in multiple languages and, increasingly, the education sector does too. The translation of educational documents – and in particular education software – is a skilled role and is one of Tomedes’ areas of translation expertise. 

Tomedes always uses professional, human translators – we never rely on machine translation as it is not accurate enough to meet our high standards. We have a network of translators spread around the world, covering every common language pairing, along with a few not so common ones! 

We always aim to use a translator who is a native speaker of the target language, so in this case we used one of our best translators based in Incheon. She was available to start translating immediately, which was perfect as the client was in a hurry to get his software translated. 

Our translator’s career experience included working for an IT company, so she understood the technical elements of the client’s software with ease. We always try to match our translators’ backgrounds with our clients’ requirements in this way, as it makes the translation process easier and ensures a better end result. 

This was a big translation job, but Tomedes was able to complete it well within the client’s timeframe and at an excellent price. The client was delighted with our competent service and with the high quality of his education software translation. 

Tomedes is highly experienced at undertaking technical translations. We have covered everything from simple apps to hugely complex software and thanks to our innovate business model we are able to offer clients a great price for the work we undertake. Whatever you need translated, send us the details and we will provide you with an instant quote – simply phone, email or use our web chat service for more information.

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