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A Tomedes client asked us for a Japanese translation in relation to a medical matter.

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English to Japanese medical document translation

August 04, 2019

Medical tourism is a continually growing industry and one that goes hand in hand with a need for expert medical translation services. Most recently, a Tomedes client asked us for a Japanese translation in relation to a medical matter. 

The ability to save money by having an operation overseas, or to access cutting edge surgery not available in their home country prompts millions of patients to seek treatment overseas every year. According to this article on Japan’s realizing of its medical tourism potential from Medical Tourism Magazine, Thailand alone sees 1.2 million patients from overseas every year. Japan has now set its sights on increasing its market share of medical tourists, aiming for 430,000 international patients per year by 2020. The country’s cancer specialists and experts working in regenerative medicine and heavy particle radiotherapy mean that it is well positioned to meet that target. 

First-rate Japanese translation services

Here at Tomedes we have a team of talented Japanese translators available to take on work of this nature. We use native speakers who have no trouble with Japan’s notoriously complex writing system. As this video on understanding the Japanese writing system on YouTube explains, the language’s three different scripts and the way they interact certainly aren’t the easiest to learn! That’s why so many people turn to Japanese translation services when they need to present information in Japanese. 

Medical translation by qualified professionals

In the case of our recent client, she wanted her medical history translated from English to Japanese, so that she could share her case notes with a doctor in Japan. We were happy to help and assigned our leading Japanese medical translator to the job. Just as with all of the sector specialisms that we offer here at Tomedes, our medical translators are qualified professionals with extensive, subject-specific knowledge. 

Accurate, fast translations 

The client was in a hurry for her translation. While her medical matter was non-urgent, she was planning to tour Japan with her family while there, so wanted to move things along as quickly as possible. This posed no problem for the Tomedes team – we offer a rush translation service for clients who need their documents in a hurry. We also provide certified translation services upon request, as was the case with this client. 

With her perfectly translated medical notes in hand, the client was happy to go ahead and book an exciting family holiday – one of the many benefits that Tomedes’ translation services have provided over the years! 

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