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Recently, a client called on Tomedes to translate his magazine articles from English to Japanese.

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English to Japanese Media Translation

June 27, 2018

One of the best parts of working in the translation industry (as well as being able to work with so many fascinating languages, of course), is the sheer variety of the workload. Every day is different – one day a client needs legal translation, the next it’s marketing translation. Most recently, a client called on our services to translate his magazine articles from English to Japanese. 

With a network of Japanese translators at our disposal, we always seek to pair the job at hand with the most appropriate translation professional. For this job, we turned to one of our Japanese media translation experts. 

The client’s aim was to reproduce a successful magazine article that he had written in English in Japanese in order to promote his brand in Japan. This tactic had worked well for him in the past, particularly when combined with social media promotion. We were happy to assist and our Japanese translator got to work at once. 

Japanese is a beautiful language and one that is very different from English. Verb conjugation rules are very straightforward, with very few exceptions, and there is no distinction between singular and plural forms. However, Japanese is peppered with honorific markers, which are essential for delivering information in the right tone and with the due level of respect. 

For this client’s media translation, our Japanese translator produced accurate, carefully crafted copy in plenty of time for the client’s deadline. The client was delighted with the end result and is already working out which magazine article to send us for translation next. 

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