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A new client recently approached Tomedes with a request for an urgent translation job: the translation of his business cards to Japanese

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English to Japanese business card translation

August 10, 2016

A new client recently approached Tomedes with a request for an urgent translation job. He was travelling to Japan on business and had set up a series of meetings with Japanese companies as part of this trip. While those he was due to meet with all spoke good English, the client realised just a few days before travelling that it might be very useful to have his business card translated into Japanese. 

We were only too glad to help. Our professional business translators are adept at dealing with translations of all shapes and sizes and this English to Japanese business card translation posed no problems for the Tomedes team. 

Given the urgent nature of the job, we assigned our leading Japanese translator, based in Tokyo. She was available to start work immediately and we knew that her fast and accurate translation abilities were precisely what this job called for. 

The client had already taken advantage of the Tomedes word count ratio tool in order to think through the layout of the Japanese version of his business card. The two languages differ significantly in their word counts: 20 words in English equates to roughly 48 words in Japanese. The client was concerned that his translated business card might cause layout issues with his template, but again Tomedes was able to help. 

Desktop publishing is available to all Tomedes clients, to ensure that their translated documents accurately preserve the layout of the originals. It takes the hassle out of formatting a document to fit an unfamiliar language and means that our clients can receive their translation in just the format that they need it. 

This client was certainly delighted with the result. His translated business card looked slick and professional and was ready in plenty of time for this trip, despite the short deadline that he presented us with! 

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