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A regular client recently asked Tomedes to assist with the translation of his latest project – an app that he planned to launch in Japan.

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Professional Japanese Translation

October 15, 2017

A regular client recently asked our translation company to assist with the translation of his latest project – an app that he planned to launch in Japan. Having developed the gaming app, he had already enjoyed success in launching it for English-speaking audiences and was now ready to reach out to new markets around the world. 

The Tomedes team was delighted to be able to help. We have a network of more than 5,000 professional translators and can provide Japanese translation services for projects of all shape and size. 

For this detailed project, we turned to one of our most experienced Japanese translators. His previous work included a range of technical projects, including app translation, so he was ideally suited to the task at hand. He got to work straight away, as the client was working to a tight schedule in order to meet the deadlines he had mapped out in his strategic plan. 

App translation of this nature is a growing field. Developers continue to come up with creative concepts for apps, from programs that can help with various elements of daily life to those that are just for fun. This client’s gaming app was purely for entertainment and had already been well received by English speaking markets, so he was looking forward to launching it in Japan. 

Tomedes worked closely with the client to ensure that every element of the app was translated flawlessly. Our regular liaison meant that the client was able to continue his development work on the Japanese version of the app in line with his timetable (as he needed to adjust graphical elements as well as linguistic ones). 

The project was completed successfully and the client was able to progress his goal of launching his app in line with his strategy – another very happy customer!

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