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Recently, Tomedes worked with a client who needed a translation from English to Italian for his product instruction manual.

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English to Italian instruction manual translation

June 16, 2019

Instruction manuals come with almost every product you can image. From tumble driers to toys, those little paper booklets that most of us throw away without fully reading are ubiquitous. They contain a treasure trove of important information, from health and safety warnings to installation guides to operating instructions. There are also usually details about what to do if you are dissatisfied with the product, along with warranty details for goods that come with such.

Accurate English to Italian translation

Over the years, Tomedes has provided technical translation services to clients around the world, including instruction manual translations into a wide number of languages. Many of these projects have involved translating manuals into multiple languages, with retailers often looking to reduce their production time and cost by printing multiple languages in a single manual. 

Recently, Tomedes worked with a client who needed a translation from English to Italian. With a network of skilled Italian translators, we were happy to help. Our leading Italian technical translator got straight to work. 

Professional technical translation

Working on instruction manuals and other technical translations is a detailed task. It’s essential that health and safety information and other legal details are translated accurately, with no scope for ambiguity. It’s also important that operating instructions are translated clearly, so that those reading the manual can use the product safely and without undue frustration. 

In this instance, our experienced technical translator produced a flawless version of the client’s product manual, despite the short timescale allocated to the job. The client was thrilled with the result and with the excellent value for money that the Tomedes translation service afforded. 

Desktop publishing services for all

The client also chose to take advantage of our desktop publishing service. This is available to all Tomedes clients, whether or not they need a translation. In this instance, the client asked that the Italian version of the manual be laid out to mirror the English version, including the replication of all diagrams and tables in the original document. We were more than happy to oblige, delivering a final product that was not only translated perfectly but that looked superb as well. 

24/7 translations

If you have a translation need – or a desktop publishing, interpretation or proofreading need, for that matter – it’s time to talk to Tomedes. You can call, email or live chat with us to find out more about our services and how they can benefit you and your business. We look forward to working with you! 


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