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A client wanted her entire ecommerce website to be translated into Italian, as she felt that the Italian market was ideal for her products

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English to Italian ecommerce translation

December 02, 2015

The global marketplace has never been more accessible. Customers are happy to use the internet to shop from retailers around the world, while distributers cross international borders thousands upon thousands of times each day. With such global potential for showcasing their products, many savvy businesses are turning to translation in order to reach out to an ever-widening audience. 

This was certainly the case with a client who recently approached Tomedes. The client wanted to translate an entire ecommerce website into Italian, as she felt that the Italian market was ideal for the goods that she was selling. 

Tomedes has a bank of Italian translators on hand for jobs such as this. We provided the customer with a quote and she was delighted with our great rate. She instructed us to proceed with the translation, which was due to be undertaken by our best Italian translator in Florence. 

It took just under two weeks to produce the fully translated ecommerce site, including every product listing, the delivery information, terms and conditions, cookie policy and so forth. The result was a perfectly written Italian version of the site, which was now ready to showcase the client’s products to customers across Italy.

The client was pleased not just with the quality of Tomedes’ work but also with our impressive turnaround time, given the vast quantity of information that needed to be translated. Her ecommerce site is now operating successfully and she is enjoying the benefits of having tapped into a new, Italian-speaking market. 

Tomedes’ professional human translation services are available 24/7 to help you with your business and personal translation needs. We always aim to use native translators for your target language, to provide you with the best quality translation for a great rate. Call or email us for further details, or use the instant quote or online chat services on our website.

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