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Business Translation for Ecommerce and Commercial Websites

March 23, 2011

Stay On Top with Professional Website Translation

In today's global market, ecommerce has become a separate entity of business. There is brick-and-mortar business, and there is ecommerce, which thrives in a virtual and yet very tangible world. Ecommerce businesses that truly become global giants all have a very important factor in common: Business translation and product or service accessibility to a worldwide customer base. Ecommerce businesses are not always successful first in the western worlde, or the US. Some businesses and business services pull in their first big profits from China, or Japan, or India - and how is this possible? Their estore or their business service website was made available to a huge global market with professional English to Chinese translation, or Japanese translation, and so on. The more languages within a given business website translation, the more accessible, and the better opportunities you provide for your business.

Its not rocket science to realize that a professional translation company is key in creating a globalized ecommerce business, product or service. But won't it cost a fortune? you may think. This is why we provide a free quote service for any business website translation (and any other translation) to help guide you with such concerns. We invite you to compare our rates with any leading translation company, and you'll quickly discover that our rates are far lower. In addition to that, feel free to email us at for questions and specifics about your business language translation needs and concerns, and you'll get honest, direct answers, and speedy responses.

Ecommerce Translation in Every Major Language

So what if you do some market research and discover that your best customers and biggest profits come from Korea? Is English to Korean translation for ecommerce sites readily available from a local library? Obviously not. Many professional translation services offer Korean translation - but will they all do it properly, at a reasonable rate, with quality assurance proofreadings by separate translators? Will they conduct or have available Korean translators who are aware of localization requirements, especially for marketing purposes? While Korean business translation may be available from zillions of translation companies, few are as thorough, professional and meticulous as Tomedes.

So what happens if your website needs a less common language translation for your business? What if you need Burmese translation, or Punjabi?. While not a single translation company can honestly and reasonably promise to translate any and every language in existence, Tomedes' translators are located worldwide. With a huge network of experience and professionally trained diversity in translation specializations, we offer a vast range of languages, specialized translation and translations that are industry-specific. All it takes to find translators for your project, is an email to our translation company with the language pair, length/word count, and other specs of your document to: or

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