English to Irish Gaelic food packaging translation

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English to Irish Gaelic food packaging translation

March 13, 2019

By Ofer Tirosh

Food packaging translation comes with unique challenges all of its own. Not only does the producer have to comply with legal requirements in the countries in which the food is sold and produced, but the small size of many food products means that information on packaging often has to be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Tomedes recently supported one food producer with the translation of her product labels from English to Irish Gaelic. While Irish is only spoken natively by a small percentage of the population of Ireland, it has around 1.6 million people who speak it as a second language. Our client wanted to ensure that her product held maximum appeal to her Irish customers, so was committed to delivering her product labels in both languages. 

With a network of translators that spans the globe, Tomedes is proud to be able to service almost all the translation requests that come our way, irrespective of the document’s subject matter or language pairing. For this client, that meant using our most accurate Irish translator in order to deliver her product packaging in Irish Gaelic. 

The translator lost no time in getting to work, translating every element of the packaging carefully and concisely and minimising the language used wherever possible, in order to fit with the client’s need to fit the translation into a limited space. 

The client was thrilled by how attentive and detailed the service was and how neatly the resulting translation fitted into the space she had available for it on her food product’s packaging. She was also delighted with the great translation price – a happy client on all fronts! 

Whatever your translation requirements may be, the helpful Tomedes team is here to discuss them. You can call, email or live chat with us, or simply obtain an instant quote through our website. 

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